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Najib Aziz

With Heavy hearts and regrets we announce the death of our Founder and President:Najib Aziz, Founder and President of The Children of War,Born October 20, 1959, and died April 11, 2009. The Members of the Board of The Children of War (TCOW), would like to hereby express our most sincere condolences on the sudden and tragic passing away of our dear friend and brother, Mr Najib Aziz, the Fou...

Afghanistan trip report

Dates of trip:  Mid November 2008 to December 2008 The following is a report from The Children of War President and Founder, Najib Aziz, on his recent visit to Afghanistan. We routinely make visits to our schools and training center in Afghanistan to ensure efficiency and success in our operations. Dear friends and supporters, for over 15 years now, we have been able to connect with th...

Badakhshan Victims

Dear the Children of War Supporter, We like to inform you that The Children of War Emergency relief aid supply been distributed to the needy people of Argo Badakhshan.We have been able to distribute 700 Gas Slander with cooking attachment/ light and heat attachment to every family in the tents of Argo district. We also distributed 700 of 50 litter water bucket to each family. The childre...

Trip Report May 2008

Trip Report from Najib Aziz, President and Founder of The Children of War, May 2008 report Flour such an important staple in the life of the people-- and unfortunately in Afghanistan, it is quickly becoming too expensive for people to buy. From neighborhood streets, to bazaar corners, to the poor torn-down ravaged homes of Afghan citizens, the eyes of each individual are in pursuit o...

Maidan Shar Wardak School Update:

We are pleased to announce that the construction of our new School in Maidan Shar Wardak is completed. .Currently we have 200 students girls and Boys are enrolled in school.                Grand Opening of the School by Mezhgan Aziz         Students received Prizes during Art Contest act...

Trip to Afghanistan: July - August , 2007

Trip report by Najib Aziz, President and Founder of TCOW My hope, like many Afghan expatriates, is that people from countries with troubled histories of war and conflict like Afghanistan, learn from their past mistakes-- and move on. The current state in Afghanistan challenges these hopes. Even with all the financial support from the international community, there seems very little help is...

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