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Badakhshan Earthquake Reief Distribution Dec. 2015

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 After heavy snow, a series of deadly avalanches in NE Afghanistan have left 300 hundreds dead

in the Panjshir province.

Please join The Children of War in providing relief to the survivors of this disaster.



October 2014 Afghanistan Trip Report


Dear the Children of War Supporters 

                    Thank you

The Children of War like to inform that the distribution of our emergency relief aid supply was very successful in Badakhshan.

We been able to distributed 700 (gas slander for cooking/heating and light, 700 large (50 litter) Bucket for water

and cash money for purchasing gas to every family who lives in tent at the disaster area of Argo Badakhshan.

These items been purchased in Kabul and deliver by truck to disaster area of Badakhshan.

The items been requested by local people for their emergency needs. We thank also the governor of Badakhshan,

and local organizer of Argo Badakhshan for supporting our crew and helping us to distributed very smooth,

organized condition and very peaceful. I also like to thank the children of War Kabul staff; Mr. Azizi,

Mr. Sohail Bayan, Dr, Rajab and Balouch for organizing and making this project a very successful.

The total cost of this project was 20050.00.

Congratulation to all and thanks for all your contribution for this emergency relief program.

Thanks for working together for a common goal of helping Badakhshan landslide victims. May Allah (swt) bless you all.

I hope we work together again for helping our needy brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.