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The Board of Directors

We have many to thank for the success of this great organization.  The Children of War is currently managed by the Board of Directors,  who all firmly believe in education as a tool to promote socioeconomic advancement for the most disadvantaged orphans and widows.  Our Board members all work hard to collaborate  with our teams both local and abroad towards this goal and come from a myriad of backgrounds and expertise. 

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    Mary Anthony
  • F._Faruq_Achikzad

    F. Faruq Achikzad is Chairman of the Raqim Foundation. He held high-level positions in Afghanistan, including Chief Economist of the Central Bank, Member of the Supreme Council of Economic Advisers. He held senior posts at the World Bank and the UN, including serving as UN Resident Coordinator for North Korea.

    G. F. Achekzad
  • Maryam Bashir is the second youngest of 5 children.  She was born in Afghanistan and grew up in Northern Virginia where she attended college and currently works as a Manager in a Consulting Firm. In her spare time Maryam enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending quality time with her family and friends. She has been volunteering for TCOW for several years and officially took on the role as a Board Member in April '09.  Maryam hopes to one day travel back to Afghanistan and see firsthand all of TCOWs wonderful accomplishments.
    Maryam Bashir
  • Maneeza Aminy grew up in California where she obtained a Bachelors and Masters in Economics, from the University of California, Berkeley and Cal State East Bay respectively.  She is currently a part time Professor of Economics and also works in the software industry.  The latest addition to the Board, Maneeza views TCOW as an excellent vehicle to contribute back to her country.  She also strongly believes in education as a tool to foster much needed change to TCOW's constituants.

    Maneeza Aminy
  • tarin 

    Tarin Bayan was born in Kabul- Afghanistan. Graduated from Lycee Esteqlal and like many Afghans left the country in 1980. Worked with New United Motor Mfg in Fremont for 21 years. Always been involved with the Afghan community in Bay Area. On the side, worked 15 years as a videographer and editor with 1st Afghan local Television show in Fremont, California. Joined The Children of War since 1996. Currently he is President of operation.  Last trip to Afghanistan was August 2013.

    Tarin Bayan
  • Mezhgan_and_Najib_

    Born in Kabul, Afghanistan to Saleh and Fauzia Sarwari. A dedicated student, She graduated from high school with honors.  At the age of 19, Mezhgan wed the late Founder and President of The Children of War, Najib Aziz and merely one year later, she gave birth to their twin daughters.  Currently, a single mother of three.  She has excelled in the field of Finance at a prestigious consulting firm while also focusing on expanding The Children of War’s impact in Afghanistan.

    Mezhgan Aziz
  • tamer

    Tamer Ali is the founder and president of Digital Ignite. His background is in learning technologies, developing platforms for Software as a Service (SaaS), and leading large-scale enterprise IT initiatives.

    Tamer Ali
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