The Children of War


Badakhshan Victims

Dear the Children of War Supporter,

We like to inform you that The Children of War Emergency relief aid supply been

distributed to the needy people of Argo Badakhshan.We have been able to distribute

700 Gas Slander with cooking attachment/ light and heat attachment to every family

in the tents of Argo district. We also distributed 700 of 50 litter water bucket to each family.

The children of War also distributed cash money to purchase gas.

This distribution was very successful in a very nice environment without any problem.

Over 3500 people will benefit from this emergency relief aid. Thanks to the governor of Badakhshan

and local official for their support. We like to thank you for all your contribution to the landslide victims of Argo District.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the support and financial assistance you provided to

The Children of War. Without your help, this would not have been possible.



Today Sunday is national day of mourning in honor of the landslide victims in Badakhshan.

The landslide buried entire villages, families, including children, women and men were

completely buried and hundreds families are homeless.


While there are many needs right now, one of the most urgent is food aid. That is why

The Children of War is dedicating its current emergency effort to providing food to those

most in need. Emergency food packages will include essentials,

such as wheat, beans, oil, tea, sugar and rice, to provide sustenance to survivors.


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