The Children of War


About Us

Our mission is one of education and empowerment. We focus on providing the most needy children, young adults, and families of Afghanistan with a primary education, a nutritious diet, and valuable job skills through the schools and skills training centers we operate within Afghanistan.

The Children of War schools follow the curriculum as directed by the Afghan Ministry of Education; our students study Math, English, Dari, and Pashto (official national languages), Science, National and World History, and Geography.

 sewing, and computer skills are also taught at the respective schools where we have resources. In addition, all students take drawing and calligraphy as part of their arts studies.  Currently we have over 500 students in our school. 32 Full time/ part time Teachers and 22 staff helping our students in Afghanistan. Our new school in Diwan Begi has over 105 students mix of Girls and Boys. Paghman school with over 130 students. Kabul school  now with more than 150 students. 

During 2012 over 16 girls graduated from 12 grades and now they are enroll for higher education.

Building Minds, Supporting Lives:
Each school year, TCOW provides all students with uniforms and shoes. In addition, we provide all the necessary school supplies and books. Each student's family receives a monthly stipend to cover their basic living expenses- enough to keep the children in school, concentrating on their studies.

aboutus_1The schools run year-round, with short breaks in the winter and summer seasons, in addition to observances of national holidays. Each day, the students eat a healthy lunch provided to them by the school.

Because of our goal of giving the neediest Afghans the opportunity to receive basic education, enhance their job skills and obtain work, we have expanded our operations to a career training and education center in Madidan Wardak region.

Here we opened our first facility and school for disabled people. Each enrolled student has some type of disability (typically single- or multiple- missing limbs) and therefore has had difficulty to find work and create a living.

Our program in Wardak consists of two school. One elementary school for Girls and Boys. Currently 200 students are studying in our new school site. Maidan Wardak school build in 2010. The second school is a Training center for basic education and hands-on sewing training program (with eqnd auipment and material). (similar to our Kabul and Paghman schools)  for disabled young adults.  Due to the precarious housing situation and limited space, we currently rent two rooms and have enrolled 20 disabled people. When more economical and feasible space is found, we'd like to expand our enrollments given there is a clear need.


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